Employment Application

(Proof of work authorization is required upon hire)

Instructions: Please note that for purposes of this application, convictions include verdicts of guilty, findings of guilt, and pleas of guilty, nolo contendere and no contest. Do not include convictions that have been sealed, expunged, set aside, vacated, discharged and dismissed, or destroyed persuant to a court order. Please note that a conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment. The nature of the job for which you are applying, the nature of the offense, the length of time since the conviction and/or incarceration, the seriousness of the offense, your age at the time of the offense, and any rehabilitation will be considered. Before answering this question regarding criminal convictions, also refer to the specific state instructions below:

Please list any more employment history and reasons for leaving.

Disclosure As a condition of employment, the Company may require a criminal background check. In order to be considered for any theater managerial positions, Corporate positions, and some other field positions, you must successfully pass a criminal, driving record, and/or financial background check. Further information will be provided if applicable. At-Will Employment If you become an employee of Blanco BBQ, your employment will be employment “at-will.” This means that either you or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at any time with or without cause or advance notice, and the Company may also change the terms and conditions of your employment with or without cause or advance notice. By my signature below, certify that I have read and understood the information and instructions in this employment application, and I verify the truth and accuracy of the statements I have made in this application. I further understand that Blanco BBQ will rely upon the accuracy of these statements in making its hiring decision, and that any false statement or material omission will be grounds for denying or terminating employment. If accepted for employment, I understand that the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and inhalants will be prohibited and I agree to submit to drug testing to detect the use of illegal drugs and alcohol at any time during employment. I also agree to comply with all other company policies, procedures, rules and regulations made known to me at the time of employment or any other times thereafter, and to perform all duties assigned to me.

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